MARCH 16-17 Nashua, New Hampshire.  Hosted by

Horse Pond Fish &Game Club, 31 Horsepond Avenue, Nashua, NH.


Contact: Ken Maurer

This will be a slight variation on the standard Introduction to Violence.  The host expects to have some shooters attending.  As always, class structure is adapted to the needs of the students.  Planned Topics include:


Intro and safety briefing

Physical skills intro: One step; leverage and leverage points; blindfolded work.  (Break them out of their bubble) Fighting to the goal

Talk #1 The Context of Violence.  All the things separate from the physical skills that people need.

Physical part two: Power generation and counter assault techniques (buys the time to turn an assault into a fight or gunfight)

Talk#2: Violence dynamics.  Types of bad guys and how they set up.  Prevention, de-escalation, awareness tricks.

Physical part 3; Weapon Retention

Last talk: SD Law



Safety Briefing

Expanding the One step

Elements of Dynamic fighting: Structure, motion, use of environment

Elements of ground movement

Lower level options including ethics, application and limitations of pain compliance

March 2-3 Orlando, FL hosted by Bill Clark

Ambushes and Thugs: Introduction to Violence

Saturday and Sunday, March 2-3.  1400-2100 (That’s 2pm to 9pm)

Conflict Communications Sunday, March 3rd 1000-1300


6809 Visitor’s Circle

Orlando, FL 32819

Bring a notebook, water, extra T-shirt and safe training versions of any weapons that you normally carry.

We’ll go over the basics.  My version of them anyway.

LOGIC of VIOLENCE Seattle, WA Hosted by Kris Wilder

March 9th  0900-1700

We’ll go into how and why criminal use violence, their goals and parameters and the problems the criminals need to solve to be successful.  That becomes the lens to design or evaluate what we teach for self-defense.  Lots of talk to set up a little banging.

Logic of Violence, Seattle $50

Kris did the flier.  I’m not nearly that good looking.



Steve Perry (author of like a gazillion SF action/adventure novels and long time martial artist), his blog is here and I got invited to team-teach, for the second time, a class on martial arts for writers.  It’s not a class on violence (though I do those too) or bad guys.  This is martial arts, real world, past present and maybe some speculation on fantasy.

Information is on the Savvy Authors website.


Day One

Efficient Movement

Fighting to the Goal

Context of Self-Defense

Violence Dynamics

Introduction to SD Law

And the usual extras. Who’s up for blindfolded infighting?

Day Two

Dynamic Fighting



Ground Movement

Playing with groups

Day One Only: $100 in advance

$120 at the Door

Day Two Only: $100 in advance

$120 at the Door

BOTH DAYS: $175 in advance

$200 at the Door

Orlando Conflict Communications Course Sunday 1000-1300, Same address. 

$40 in advance, $50 at the door

The Whole Enchilada

Two Day Ambushes and Thugs + ConCom

$200 in advance, $225 at the door