June 7-11 in Ashburn, VA

Hosted by:

Kore Krav Maga

The traveling Circus that is Violence Dynamics is coming to the Washington, DC area for the first time.

Instructors (everything is subject to change without notice) include:

Kasey Keckeisen, one of the founders of VioDy, serious martial artists, SWAT leader/sniper and all around nice guy.

Terry Trahan, who personifies combat as weasel-craft. The thinking man's bad ass.

Dr. Tammy Yard-McCracken, our gracious host. Lead instructor at Kore Krav Maga, head of Krav Maga Global's women's division and experienced trauma counselor.

Some unnamed schmoe who will give a short but very current brief on terrorist threats.

And a former jail guard who wrote some books.

Former jail guard. And cowboy.

International man of mystery

Unnamed schmoe

Kasey Keckeisen

Tammy Yard-McCracken


DAY1. Thursday 08June2017

Session                           Title                       Time       Instructor

1.1            Introduction/ Safety Briefing   1 hr         KECKEISEN

1.2           Context of Violence Talk           1.5 hrs   MILLER

1.3          Introduction to the drills           1hr    YARD-McCRACKEN

1.4          Violence Dynamics                      1.5 hrs    KECKEISEN

1.5           Basic Power Generation              1 hr        TRAHAN

1.6           Leverage and Leverage Points   1 hr        KECKEISEN

DAY 2. FRIDAY 09June2017

Session                           Title                       Time       Instructor

2.1                            Daily Brief                  .5hr         KECKEISEN

2.2      Conflict Communication              3.5hr   YARD McCRACKEN

2.3                          Targeting                      1 hr        TRAHAN

2.4                          Cool Stuff                     1 hr   UNNAMED SCHMOE

2.5      Close Quarters Edged Weapons   1.5 hrs    TRAHAN

DAY 3. SATURDAY 10June2017

Session                           Title                       Time       Instructor

3.1                            Daily Brief                  .5hr         KECKEISEN

3.2                 Logic Of Violence                1hr      YARD McCRACKEN

3.3                 Counter-Assault                  1 hr         KECKEISEN

3.4                 Force Law                              1.5 hrs   MILLER

3.5          Last Ditch Unarmed Defense   1.5 hrs    TRAHAN

3.6          Ground Movement                     1 hr          MILLER

3.7          Environmental Fighting            1 hr          ALL

DAY 4 SUNDAY 11June2017

Session                           Title                       Time       Instructor

4.1                            Daily Brief                  .5hr         KECKEISEN

4.2          High Speed Decision Making   1 hr         KECKEISEN

4.3                      Plastic Mind                     1hr          MILLER

4.5-4.8    Advanced People Watching     5 hr         ALL


Traditionally, VioDy includes a special day for special students. People who have attended before, in other words. The OGs. You know who you are. In Minnesota, we have access to a SWAT unit, and playing with SWAT is the bonus day. But for this one, we're in Virginia. And we have access to a range. So Wednesday, 07June2017 will be a handgun day. Beginners welcome, but not idiots. If you sign up for this, please give us your experience level. Depending on numbers and range of skills we may break this up into sessions. Some weapons will be available for rent at the venue.

OG Break-Out Sessions

The other perk of being an OG: If the main session is something you've done many times before, feel free to grab one of the sidelined instructors for a chat or a little one-on-one training time.


Single Class: US$85

$100 at the door

Single Day: US$165

Specify Day

$200 at the door

Days 1-4: US$375

$450 at the door

OGs: To reserve your Day 0 option, contact me at rory@chirontraining.com

Which Day?