The Mission of VioDy is to Create Strong People

This is not altruistic, it is purely selfish. Weak people are annoying. They are petty and vicious. They tear down others out of fear and insecurity.  Strong people are simply more fun to be around. And if we can't find enough strong people, it becomes our responsibility to make them.

Violence Dynamics refers to two separate things. The first is the Violence Dynamics lecture. It's an important part  of the Intro to Violence seminar. Self-defense is about avoiding, mitigating and surviving violence, right? And managing any risk requires knowledge of that risk. Too many martial artists and self-defense enthusiasts have spent year or decades training for the dark day when they will have to deal with a bad guy, and yet have not spent one day studying bad guys. There are systems that will give you answers, yet have never studied the problem. Does that make any sense at all?

Of course not. Would you go to a doctor who had studied surgery and drugs but refused to study injury, disease or basic anatomy? Of course not.

The second is the Violence Dynamics series of seminars. In 2010, Kasey Keckeisen invited two authors, Marc MacYoung and myself, to teach a week-long seminar at his dojo. It was a blast. Kasey is a serious martial artist, a SWAT member, leader and training coordinator, okay shot with a rifle, and confirmed comic book nerd.

That grew into VioDy*, an annual seminar held in Minnesota with spin-off seminars (so far) in Edmonton AB🇨🇦 Ashburn VA and Oakland CA. Multiple days, multiple instructors. The cast has included the original three (Kasey, Marc and myself) Randy King, Dillon Beyer, Rick Wilson, Myron Crossitt, Terry Trahan, Kathy Jackson, Ed Calderon, Tammy Yard-McCracken and the crew from Querencia Fitness.

This Year's VioDy Prime will be held near St. Paul MN Oct 20-23.

* I wanted to call the Violence Dynamics Seminar the "VD Clinic." I was not only vetoed but am not allowed to name things any more.


Each one is a little different, depending on the instructors and what the students need. We also tend to run multiple tracks-- the instructors not on-deck teach advanced classes or semi-privates to the "OGs" or students who have attended multiple times.

These are the classes that we agree make up the core:

Introduction and Safety Briefing, paperwork as necessary.

Introduction to the drills                                         

Context of Violence Talk

Basic Power Generation

Counter Assault

Violence Dynamics

Leverage and Leverage Points



Force Law

Ground Movement

Environmental Fighting

Advanced People Watching

NEXT VioDy!! VioDy Prime Mounds View MN Oct 19-22

(And in December, we'll have a Symposium in Vancouver BC)