Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network

In my opinion, there are seven things you must cover if you claim to teach self-defense. The legal aspect is right at the top of the list.

Marty Hayes set up the ACLDN as a resource for citizens who might be arrested and prosecuted after a legitimate act of self-defense. The network has a roster of attorneys, expert witnesses and advisors.

The Network has a large contingent of concealed carry advocates and strong ties to the RTKBA community, but unlike every similar program I've looed at, they will also go to bat for you if your self-defense did NOT involve a firearm, as Marty makes clear in this video.

The whole logo is a link. Feel free to click.

The Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network isn't just for after an event. When you or your students have questions about self-defense law, the ACLDN is a good resource for accurate, current information.