VioDy: Natick MA     MAY 16-20

UPDATE: Violence Dynamics finally has its own website!

You can stay updated or register for any of the upcoming events by clicking on the link above.

And we're doing more road trips this year. The first will be near Boston, at the Metro West Academy, 19C Willow St. Natick, MA 01760

Scheduled Instructors (everything is subject to change without notice) include:

Kasey Keckeisen, one of the founders of VioDy, serious martial artists, SWAT leader/sniper and all around nice guy.

Dr. Tammy Yard-McCracken, lead instructor at Kore Krav Maga, head of Krav Maga Global's women's division and experienced trauma counselor.

Randy King, head instructor at KPC Self-defense, and experienced doorman. Also Canadian, so you know he'll be very polite.

And a former jail guard who wrote some books.

Former jail guard. And cowboy.

Randy King

Kasey Keckeisen

Tammy Yard-McCracken