Palo Alto and Berkeley

Hosted by:

Soja Mind-Body in Berkeley  

Silicon Valley Karate in Palo Alto

Thursday,  April 12 1800-2100

Silicon Valley Shotokan Karate

Cubberley Community Center, unit G7

4000 Middlefield Road

Palo Alto, CA 94303

For more information, contact Jon Keeling.

We'll cover two subjects. The first will be "Context of Violence"  an overview of the seven things that any self defense class must cover:

•     Legal and Ethical dimensions of self-defense

     •     Violence Dynamics

     •     Avoidance, Escape and De-escalation

     •     Counter-ambush

     •     Breaking the freeze

     •     The Fight itself

     •     Aftermath

The second subject will be counter-ambush. Dealing with the suckerpunch. It will include a bit on power generation, becaus that just makes everything work better.

Friday- Monday,  April 13-16

Soja Mind/Body

3015 San Pablo Ave

Berkeley, CA 94702

Sign-up is available on the Soja website

This will be a Principles weekend.

Friday the 13th (yes!) 1800-2000

   ConCom EDP. This is a specialty module of ConCom and this will be the first time it's been presented to a non-LEO audience. Two hours of experienced-based guidelines on dealing with Emotionally Disturbed Persons (EDPs). The focus will be on crisis situations.

Saturday 14 April 1000-1300

   Structure and Void. Basically, you're a skeleton wrapped in meat. So is everyone you know. Structure is using skeletons. Void is using empty spaces. Understanding the interplay of structure and void is one of the underlying principles of all physical conflict.

Saturday 14 April 1400-1700

   Balance and Gravity.  Gravity is one of the few constant forces in the universe. Because it is always there, we rarely think about using gravity effectively. (My old sensei used to say that breathing and walking were two things that everyone does, but they're so familiar no one does either well. Same idea.) This will be a short workshop on understanding balance and exploiting gravity.

Sunday 15 April 1000-1300:

   Controlling Space and Time. This is a big principle. In fact, it's a catch-all phrase for a lot of little principles, like elements of speed, manipulating the decision making process, range... it goes on and on.

Sunday 15 April 1400-1700:

   Environmental Fighting. If you've doe the basic Introduction to Violence with me,  this one will be familiar. The world is bigger than you and has mre hard surfaces.

Monday 16 April 1800-2000

   Playdate. No fee, but donations accepted. This is for the people who have played with me at Soja over the years. Open mat, work on whatever the attendees want.